shower routine for oily roots + dry ends

in the world of haircare, there is an endless array of hair types one could have. mine in particular, is an especially frustrating one. the roots of my hair get oily fast, but my strands are quite dry and sometimes brittle. after going through bottle after bottle of various types of shampoos and conditioners, and having my hairdresser telling me i had “a lot of sulfate buildup in my roots”, i began to take the health of my hair as seriously as my skincare regimen.

step one | shampoo – calia organic purifying shampoo

i cannot explain how wonderful the brand, calia natural is. i was inspired by holistichabits on youtube, and i am ever so thankful for coming across her videos on this brand. their products are all hypo allergenic, environmentally friendly, and contains no sulfates, dea, sodium or propylene glycol. perfect, since my hair has apparently been suffering from a sulfate buildup. i focus this shampoo in my roots, and the rosemary smells and feels very purifying (just like it’s name, and refreshing to the scalp). another point about natural shampoos is that due to the lack of chemicals, this does not foam up at all. the sodium lauryl sulfate, the chemical that my hairdresser said was building up in my roots, is how most generic brand shampoos lather very very well. though our minds are conditioned to perceive a strong lather as effective cleansing, it should not be the purpose of your shampoo.

step two |conditioner – lush happy happy joy joy

the rule of thumb for all conditioners is that this should be applied to the ends of your hair only. do not let it touch your roots. that is what your shampoo is there for. this shampoo by lush is personally quite life changing. i have tried calia’s conditioners, and though they are quite effective, i have a strong propensity for heavily scented hair products. calia’s conditioner has a light, neutral scent that psychologically translated into being ineffective for my hair. when i came across lush’s happy happy joy joy, i was ecastatic. the blend of rose water, orange blossom water, and an almond milk base create a delightful floral scent that stays in your hair for many days. i wash my hair once every four to seven days, and the scent of the conditioner still remains by the time i wash my hair the next time! it is quite amazing. of course, the conditioner works very well and hydrates my strands to prevent breakage or dryness.

step three | treat – radha beauty 100% pure tea tree oil 

this step is optional. i used to do this religiously, until i got slightly annoyed of how strong the tea tree scent was and how it overpowered happy happy joy joy, so i only use this circumstantially. after towel drying your hair, place approximately 10 drops into the palm of your hand and massage into the ends of your hair. it does wonders to your hair’s natural luster and shine. the smell of the tea tree oil disappears after your hair completely dries, so do not worry about smelling like an old chinese grandma for the next couple of days!

step four | spray – captain blankenship golden waves sea salt shimmer spray

sprays are an interesting product, because they are either a hit or miss for me. most of them will practically do nothing. spritzing expensive, scented mist into my hair never seemed practical or necessary. well that is, until i gave the sea salt shimmer spray a chance. for a beautiful, lustrous effect without appearing overly shiny or oily, the natural gold mica in this product adds subtle gold shimmer, allowing for a very polished but luminous effect. as my hair is naturally very straight and lacks any ounce of volume, the atlantic sea salt adds texture and a wavy-like nature when i choose to style it. the aloe vera, sea kelp extract, and organic rose geranium and palmarosa work altogether to enable nourishment and leave a beachy rose scent. nonetheless, most sprays may be a scam in the haircare industry, but jana blankenship, the owner of this company, has created something that i will continue to use for a very long time.

and there you have it – a very simple, hassle free haircare routine. i do not think having an excessively complicated shower routine is necessary, because i am never a fan of too many bottles of products in my bathroom. plus, i save a lot of money!

so to all my oily rooted, dry ended friends, do not despair. there is hope in revitalizing and keeping your hair perfectly healthy.

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