about me

hi there! my name is cindy, and i am a health and wellness blogger at mintsprigs. i specialize in relationship consultations, financial management, and a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle. i have a deep passion for figuring out how to maximize output and minimize input, in all realms of life. i recently graduated university of california, irvine with a degree in public helath policy and management. i was born and raised in pasadena, and but am now based in irvine. you can typically find me working at small coffee shops with an oat milk matcha latte on hand, exploring new vegan restaurants in the area, or furiously organizing my apartment.

how mint sprigs began

september 27, 2018.

i am creating mintsprigs as a personal sanctuary to speak about my experiences. by putting words onto paper (in this case, online), this also allows me to visualize how i can transfer my thoughts into sources of motivation and productivity. not only is this for me to share the bumps in my journey, it is also a personal journal to keep track of what i go through within the ins and outs of the seasons. i value self-care deeply, and creating a space for vulnerability is what i truly need.

thank you for reading!

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